Transit Oost

Kleine Parallelweg 6, 7101 HP Winterswijk | Tel: +31 543 450 440 | Show map

Experience the history of the textile industry, coal transport and public transportation in the east of the Netherlands. Discover the importance of the railway in the previous century, from the first track in the Achterhoek to the arrival of trucks and buses.

The Winterswijk railway complex was meticulously replicated on a large model railway (around 15 m) in the 1920s and 1930s. There are multiple historical vehicles on display which were active in the east of the Netherlands. From the first T-Ford bus from 1923 owned by the GTW (Gelderland Tram Service) to the last bus in the late ‘90s.

Take a seat in the cabin of the diesel locomotive DE2, also known as the Blue Angel.

Children will receive our Trail Finder (puzzle book) and operate the model trains in the children’s playground while you enjoy a great cup of coffee in the restaurant.

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