Due to the measures that apply in the approach to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), all public places, such as catering, museums, attractions, theaters, etc. are unfortunately closed. Events have also been canceled or moved. The measures apply provisionally until March 15. As a result, the information on museums-achterhoek.com may not be up to date. For up-to-date information, we would like to refer you to the website of the relevant location.

Of course you can find inspiration on our website for a future day out or stay in the Achterhoek.

Visit the best museums in the Achterhoek

 visit to a museum is an inspiration to people of all ages. Enjoy beautiful works of art, listen to interesting stories, and learn more about the culture and history of the region. The Achterhoek is home to a large variety of museums. Come out and experience the culture and the Achterhoek vibe!

Prepare your senses for the wide range of museums the Achterhoek has in store for you. If you enjoy art, the Achterhoek will be a dream come true for you. Visit one of the many wonderful museums filled with leading paintings, glass art, and sculptures by international masters. Every town or city has its own extraordinary museum which will take you back in time to historic events, such as the resistance during WWII and the manufacturing industry in the Achterhoek, or show you old habits and bygone customs.

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